Driven by passion for healing, we aim to facilitate the rehabilitation of all patients to the highest of standards.


Physiotherapy specializing in Sport & Spinal Mechanics. The treatment of disease, injury, or deformity by physical methods such as massage, heat treatment, and exercise

(all members of the public)

Sports physiotherapy (physiotherapy for injuries and pain)

Exercise rehabilitation

Orthopaedic rehabilitation (pre- and post operative rehabilitation)

Shockwave therapy

Laser Therapy for pain and healing (Launching end of the year)

Return to play protocols

Injury assessements

Musculo-skeletal screening

Concussion Therapy (Vestibular Rehabilitation)


A Biokineticist is an exercise specialist who increases a persons physical condition and the quality of life by means of physical assessment and the prescription of health exercise habits. The Biokineticist is the newest member of the allied medical team who specializes in preventative medicine and final phase rehabilitation to improve the quality of life through movement.

Biokinetists offer a proactive and reactive service by assisting in preventing and treating chronic diseases, possible neurological abnormalities, orthopaedic complications, metabolic abnormalities, heart conditions and hypokinetic conditions. Moreover a Biokinetists provides final phase injury management.

Have a thorough medical history evaluation

Measurement of resting blood pressure and heart rate to assess the likelihood of any possible health complications

Assessment of body composition and waist to hip ratio in order to identify one’s risk for coronary heart disease

An individualised scientifically sound developed exercise program

Range of motion evaluation to assess the likelihood of poor flexibility and consequently impaired ability to function optimally in activities of daily living and or sport

Measurement of aerobic work capacity and subsequently the functioning of one’s cardiovascular system and general fitness Measurements of muscular strength, endurance and power.

A training session to educate you on how to improve your lifestyle, your condition (if present) and how to train safely and effectively

A thorough postural assessment to identify any deviations from standard, which could cause poor body biomechanics and consequently predispose an individual to injury.

Core stability assessment to assess one’s ability to stabilize and protect the spine and function adequately in static and dynamic activities of daily living.

Personal training


Hydrotherapy: “or so-called water cure”- the use of different therapeutic methods in water to relieve discomfort and to promote physical well-being, including:

Orthopedic rehabilitation

Treatment of various chronic illness/disease


Various stress relieving programmes

Learn to swim programmes